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Summer perch fishing : Steve Palmer : scrab
I used the rainbow slick jig on lake Ontario 7/22/2014 with two other people. In 3 hrs. kept 105 very nice perch. Would of been more but we ran out of minnows. Great bait. Not only in the winter but the summer (Posted on 7/24/14)
Hammered the walleyes : Kevin Gilbertson
I used the Green Glow Slick Jig for the first time on Sunday and hammered the walleyes in 22 feet of water on a rock hump. The jig was easy to handle. The hook set was solid which I like because I hate it when they are able to wiggle free near the hole. I took the tips I watched on the techniques video and implemented them on the ice. If I wasn't getting any action I would drop the jig to the bottom and bounce it on the bottom a few times and then lift is back up to jig. Most of the fish I caught were after I bounced it off of the bottom. I used a full minnow. Happy with the jig and would recommend it to others. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Great action : brian theis
Erratic action when vertical jigged and great hooking power. Also effective for fall deep water jigging for big eyes! (Posted on 2/28/14)
Good drifting : LARRY SMITH
I tried the stick jig drifting on the river and had great luck. the walleyes pounded it. Very GOOD (Posted on 2/28/14)

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Lindy Slick Jig

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The Lindy Slick Jig features a weight-forward design that maximizes glide and the ability to pound bottom to stir up debris and call in fish. The positioning of the line tie also keeps the hook point in the perfect position for a quick, solid hookset. When ice fishing with the ice Slick Jig, it swims and glides outside the hole for more coverage area. The heavier weights/bigger sizes are designed for open-water walleye and panfish anglers who need a jig that catches fish on the cast or vertically jigged. Anglers also can change the action of the lure simply by repositioning the knot on the line tie.

  • Unique weight-forward design
  • Slides, glides and bottom pounds
  • Sized for ice fishing and open water

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