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This will catch them! : Texas angler
I have used these for many years. And have caught many bass on them. Including 5 & 6 pounders. Those rotating treble hooks really stick them! My best color has been Alabama shad. (Posted on 4/8/15)

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Heddon Swim'n Image

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Heddon adds a new twist to its classic line — the Swim'n Image. This shallow-running crankbait resembles a 3-inch threadfin shad. The Swim'n Image has a wide wobble that swims where many other lures cannot. Highly snagless, the Heddon Swim'n Image is particularly effective in shallow water, especially in rivers along riffles and along the top of wingdams.

Species: Bass, White Bass, Stripers, Crappie, Walleyes, Pike

Model Size   Weight  Hooks
X9230  3 in.  7/16 oz.  # 6
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