• Fluorescent Green Crawdad
  • Gold Shiner
  • Silver Shiner
  • Perch
  • Blue Flitter Shad
  • Red Head
  • Chrome
  • Gray Shad

Heddon Sonar

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Heddon Sonar is the only lure that allows fisherman to adjust the linetie for the fishing action of the day.

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Heddon’s only adjustable-action lure. The Sonar’s unique linetie holes allow anglers to adjust the lure’s action to match the fishing situation. Whether cast, trolled or jigged through the ice, the Sonar series has the perfect vibrating action to entice most freshwater species into rod-busting strikes.

Species: Bass, Walleye

Size   Weight Count  Hooks
 1 7/8 in  1/4 oz  1  # 6
 2 3/8 in  1/2 oz  1  # 4


Heddon Sonar Fishing Lure how-to

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