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Spook 'em! : Jay
I've been throwing Heddon Spooks for 2.5 years. Yup, I have indeed walked spooks for miles, miles, and more miles. Hey.. and even more miles! Spooks have been my all time bait. Other fisherman, yeah they think I'm crazy; they say I need to switch it up. Well.. I say they're missing out! Some fisherman, yeah they call me Captain Snook, but I... I call myself the spook master! The spook master, I am!

This puppy... it sways better than any other spook I've thrown. It's noisy as all hell! It casts a country mile like a bullet with ease! and it sits on the surface just'a waiting to get hammered after every twitch!

If you haven't tried a one knocker spook, you have got to! I haven't even had it a week yet and I've landed my biggest snook to date at 36".

Thanks Heddon... you've made me even more addicted to topwater fishing, which I honestly didn't think was possible!

Walking. That. Dog. Is. The. Only. Right. Way. To. Fish.! (Posted on 9/3/14)

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Heddon Saltwater One Knocker Spook

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The One Knocker Spook thumps bass with a sound like no other topwater bait. The single tungsten rattle contained in a sound intensifying chamber produces a loud, "thump" with every twitch that draws fish from long distances. Its positioning within the body of the lure makes walking-the-dog easier than ever. The Heddon Saltwater One Knocker is equipped with saltwater hooks made for bigger fish.

Species: Redfish, Trout

Size 4 1/2 in
Weight 3/4 oz
Hook Size #2 Saltwater
Cranking Depth Topwater
Count 1


How To "Walk the Dog" with a Spook

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