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excellent lure : Dean
This is an over-looked alternative to frogs and metal weedless spoons. You can fish it over any kind of overhead cover, though it works less well than alternatives over pads. It shines on wild rice, which few others do. Add a couple of rattles on either side of the main hook "inside" the spoon. Epoxy works best. (Posted on 3/25/15)
Moss Boss Great : ragman
Great lure never used lures before just worms and minnows started to use the moss boss and caught huge bass and northerns don't need nothing else got these in my tackle box catch fish all the time ...I use the white ones and the yellow ones seem to work the best I give them a 5 star (Posted on 9/18/14)
Heddon Moss Boss is a boss! : Reviewer
I bought 4 of these from the dollar bin at my local walmart, first time out in a kayak in water covered in lily pads, this lure never once got stuck and effortlessly glided over the top of the water, where I landed my personal best largemouth at 7 1/2 pounds! I had it rigged with 30 pound braid on a medium heavy action rod (Posted on 7/3/14)

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Heddon Moss Boss

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The Heddon Moss Boss is indeed the “boss” when it comes to tempting lunkers into striking from under the thickest moss, weed beds and brush. When a lunker spies a Moss Boss sliding through the weeds overhead it makes for one of the most exciting strikes ever!

Species: Bass, Muskie, Northerns

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 2 1/2 in.  1/4 oz.  # 4/0
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