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Nebraskan Ray Rowland with a big Booyah double.

Spinnerbaiting-Walleye Secret Officially Out

By: Lawrence Taylor
You heard it here first, more than a year ago, when Nebraska fishing guide Rob Rowland, contacted us about he and his clients catching huge walleyes on Booyah spinnerbaits. Looking at the latest major walleye tournament results, it appears the spinnerbait secret is out.

Rowland called again recently with reports of another successful summer of slamming super-sized walleyes trolling ¾- and 1-ounce Booyah Double Willow Blade spinnerbaits.

“We definitely started something that will work anywhere you have submerged trees from 10-feet below the surface down to 35-and even 40-feet,” Rowland said.

Although a family health issue prevented Rowland from fishing the Cabela’s Regional Walleye Tournament on Lake McConaughy this year, he won it last year pulling Booyah spinnerbaits. He visited the same spot that he caught the winning fish a week prior to this year’s event and the fish were still there, and still snapping up his spinnerbaits.

“We actually caught some giants on the exact same spot we had marked on our GPS from last year,” he said. “I was in contact with several teams fishing the tournament this year and the pattern was exactly the same. All of the big fish – I’m talking 7- to 11-pounders – were caught trolling spinnerbaits on leadcore line over the tops of the trees at 15- to 30-feet below the surface. I know for a fact that the first and third place finishers were pulling spinnerbaits.”

The latest FLW Walleye Tour event at Lake Oahe suggests the spinnerbait secret is out. Consider that FLWOutdoors.com reports the top three were using a “special technique” involving a “modified spinner” and the technique would be revealed in an episode of "The Next Bite” television show next season.(Click here for the full FLW story.) The winner’s big fish came from a “deep stretch of trees in about 33 to 35 feet of water,” then moved shallower for their smaller slot fish.

The second place finisher is quoted as learning the special technique from friends in Wisconsin, but that it “actually came out of Nebraska,” and that after hearing about it, figured it would work well at Oahe. Considering Rowland guides in Nebraska and the situation is so similar – pulling giant walleye out of deep submerged trees – the coincidences are beyond suspicious. Regardless, there’s no doubt the technique produces big, big fish.

Rowland said his guide trips from the middle of July through August were especially enjoyable. He had several spots he could depend on to produce monster ‘eyes every trip.

“The look on some of my clients’ faces when I scoop up a 27- to 30-inch walleye in the net is awesome,” he said. “We also caught some big wipers that totally crushed the spinnerbaits. Booyah spinnerbaits are my total go-to bait if I want to get some big ones in the boat.”

Rowland prefers the Booyah Blade in ¾- and 1-ounce size, double willow blade in Snow White, White/Chartreuse and Chartreuse, and says he’s tried many other spinnerbaits that didn’t measure up.

“I bet my dad dinner after we had trolled some homemade spinnerbaits for a while with no luck that if I put on a Booyah we would catch one. Honestly, it wasn’t 15 minutes later when the pole bent over and a 27-incher came to the boat with a Chartreuse ¾-ounce Booyah in its mouth.”

To book a trip with Ray Rowland, send him an email at fishbob_021@yahoo.com

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