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bill rosner

Rogues For More Than Bass

Slender, minnow-imitating stickbaits work wonders for a variety of freshwater gamefish. From bass to pike and walleyes, few predators can resist the tantalizing twitch, pause and rolling action of a well-presented minnowbait. Of course, as with any technique, a few tricks of the trade can mean the difference between catching... Read Complete Article
ted takasaki

Booyah Spinnerbaits Net Walleye Pros $71,000 In Two Weeks

When many anglers think walleye fishing, they dream of Lindy Rigs, jigs, live bait and slip floats or trolling a Cordell Wally Diver -- traditional walleye techniques. But none of these lures or styles entered into two recent professional walleye tournament wins. The champions of the FLW Walleye Tour event... Read Complete Article
hot walleye

Bass Tactics For Hot-Weather Walleyes

Hot weather and walleyes don't mix? Think again. A walleye is cold-blooded. Like other fish, their metabolism rises along with the water temperature in summer, meaning they need to eat more, not less. Conventional wisdom, all summer long, demands dragging leeches and minnows on Lindy rigs in deeper water for walleyes.... Read Complete Article
ray rowland booyah double

Spinnerbaiting-Walleye Secret Officially Out

You heard it here first, more than a year ago, when Nebraska fishing guide Rob Rowland, contacted us about he and his clients catching huge walleyes on Booyah spinnerbaits. Looking at the latest major walleye tournament results, it appears the spinnerbait secret is out. Rowland called again recently with reports... Read Complete Article
walleye spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits Catch Giant Walleyes

I don't know much about walleye fishing. I caught one last month at the Upper Mississippi River while I was smallmouth bass fishing with a YUM Houdini Shad. Watched it zoom out of a patch of grassbed and smash it. But I do know enough to leave the spinnerbaits at home.... Read Complete Article
rebel minnows

We Get Letters -- Pennsylvania Walleyes

I've always been frugal (some might even call me cheap!) and when I see a good deal I take advantage of it. I was buying last minute supplies for a recent fishing outing and noticed some Rebel Minnows that looked like the ones I often catch walleyes on at night.... Read Complete Article


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