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audrey greene

Rebel Couple Makes Triumphant Return To Fly Country

Editor's note: Philip (Sandy) and Audrey Greene visit this acclaimed "fly fishing" destination every year, and prove each time that their prowess with a spinning rod and a Rebel lure surpasses that of the "Orvis crowd's" fly gear. Dear Rebel Lures, It was another fantastic 10 days in Jackson Hole, Wyo.... Read Complete Article

Water Level Determines Lure For Tailwater Trout

Trout fishing the tailwaters below a hydroelectric dam is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime, but varied power generation results in water levels that go from high and strong to low and weak in short order. Here's how to catch more trout by letting the water... Read Complete Article
rebel tracdown minnow

Time for Taneycomo Trout

The winter months are hard on anglers. Even on the "nice" days the prospect of slow fishing and cold toes is enough to keep a lot of folks inside. But it's amazing how you forget your feet when the fish are biting, and the best option for most of us... Read Complete Article

Gaston's Media Days with Frank Saksa and the Xs4 Stick Bait

"You know, that's three years in a row that a twitch bait caught the picture fish," said outdoor writer Jeff Samsel. It's true, another big brown trout became a photo model for several outdoor photographers as a result of the deft retrieve of one type of lure. "I kid you not,"... Read Complete Article
brown trout

Destination: Gaston's Resort -- Bass Fishing For Trout!

One of my favorite fishing trips of the year is coming up next week – the Gaston's Resort Media Days event on Arkansas' White River. The White is one of the top trout waters in the country and we'll be coming in at the tail-end of the brown trout spawning... Read Complete Article
ron wong holds brown trout caught with bass fishing jerkbaits

Bass Crankbait tactics for Winter Trout

Ron Wong is a bass fisherman and outdoor writer from Memphis who keeps his bass gear wet all year long. It may not be a bass at the end of his line, though, especially during winter. He ascribes to the "bass fishing for trout" philosophy and continues to pound the... Read Complete Article
brown trout on an xt3 twitch bait

Bass Fishing For Trout

Ron Wong is a bass fisherman to the core. He'd rather be casting for largemouth bass than just about anything else, and he's good at it, too. He writes about bass fishing and bass fishing techniques for a variety of publications. Every waking second he's either bass fishing, planning a... Read Complete Article

YUM TroutKrilla Offers Double Punch for Trout

Having anchored just upstream of a hole that had been holding trout, Rick O'Neil opened a jar or Orange Glitter YUM TroutKrilla Pellets. "Be ready," he said, smiling, as he strung one of the bright pellets onto my No. 12 hook. "This won't take long." We were field testing TroutKrilla, which... Read Complete Article


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