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New Products from Lurenet

New fishing product offerings from Lurenet
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Boo Series Rewrites Your Fishing Playbook

In the last couple of years there have been a lot of changes in the way we think about fishing lures. Gone is the requirement of throwing a lure that mimics just one baitfish. Now, anglers fish with rigs that duplicate the look of multiple baits – even schools of... Read Complete Article

Sneak Peek: New For 2014 - Bomber Long A's New Look

The Bomber Long A has long been the premier hard-plastic minnow lure for many different species, and six new color patterns designed to reproduce the multi-color reflection of baitfish scales makes these lures even more effective no matter where you're fishing. The new color patterns were designed to produce the... Read Complete Article

Sneak Peek: New For 2014 - Bomber 13A

Anglers with a little experience under their belts remember the Bomber 13A, the smallest member of the Long A family. This little 2 ½-inch bait packs a punch when it comes to catching shallow-water bass of all species, as well as all other predator fish. It's terror on trout in... Read Complete Article

Sneak Peek: New for 2014 - Rebel Pop'N Frog

All predator fish love frogs, especially a yummy little morsel that appears confused and ready to be eaten. The new Pop'N Frog by Rebel Lures combines the effectiveness of a petite topwater popper and with a super-realistic frog profile and paint scheme. The Pop'n Frog has the right size and... Read Complete Article
perfect 10 rogue

Smithwick Introduces Perfect 10 Rogue at 2013 Bassmaster Classic

Oklahoma's Grand Lake O' The Cherokees is a Rogue lake, especially in February, so what better time to introduce the new Perfect 10 Rogue than at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic? This new age Rogue dives deeper and features color patterns designed for clearer water, and the tungsten rattle provides a... Read Complete Article
christmas stocking

Half-Price Lures Plus a Free Christmas Stocking!

Lurenet's Christmas Stocking full of bass lures makes buying for any bass fisherman easy, even for those who are hesitant to make a lure purchase for fear of buying the wrong "stuff." By collecting a variety of bass lures in preferred color patterns, we've covered the bases on this one.... Read Complete Article
frank and smallie on the niagara river

Three Best Lures For 2011

New year, new lures, same challenge; putting the right bait in front of the right fish. It's your responsibility to give 'em what they want, so here three lures that will make a big splash for 2011. Make sure you're ready when the moment comes! YUM F2 2ubes "2ube," clever name, huh?... Read Complete Article
f2 spray is 30 percent more effective than gulp!

Sneak Peak at PRADCO - Fishing's New Products for 2011

The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) is the American Sportfishing Association convention when almost every fishing company announces new products for the following year. This year's convention is July 14-16, but here is a sneak preview of what's new for PRADCO – Fishing for 2011 and you can... Read Complete Article
herky jerky

New Muskie Lure Available Now In The United States!

Muskie lures are a lot like the anglers who throw them, tough, durable and dependable when there's something big on the line. The strong lures survive and the weak are quickly exposed to the tight-knit muskie fishing fraternity. It's time to add another lure to "strong" category. It's already proven... Read Complete Article
old catalog page

Heddon Vamp-Spook Returns For Limited Engagement

I'm a sucker for 1940s and '50s era art depicting hunting and fishing, so when I was asked to announce the availability of some new "old" lures I took the opportunity to look at some old Heddon catalogs. Those old black-and-white photos of guys holding big stringers of big bass... Read Complete Article


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