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big striped bass

Find and Catch Topwater Stripers

Striped bass are schooling fish by nature, but when anglers talk about schooling stripers they're usually talking about the melee that ensues when these predators push a school of bait to the surface. It's a lot like a fireworks show, with explosions occurring in every direction. Fishing doesn't get more... Read Complete Article
creek angler

When Critter Baits Work Best

Fish in ponds, small lakes, streams and tailrace rivers live on a varied diet. They may gorge on an insect hatch or take advantage of whatever the current brings their way. It may be a grasshopper dislodged by rising water, or a crawfish seeking a meal of its own. In... Read Complete Article
cicada topwater

Rare Cicada Hatch Produces Tremendous Topwater Fishing

This year, anglers in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the surrounding states will see a fishing pattern that only occurs once every 17 years.  After 17 years under ground, Cicada "Brood 2" is due to invade the area in spectacular numbers. Cicadas are strong-but-erratic flyers and often crash... Read Complete Article

Run, White Bass, Run!

During late winter, white bass begin migrating up-lake to the river sections of impoundments and into feeder creeks. They're traveling toward shallow, moving water to spawn. It's Mother Nature's way of replenishing a species, but this predictable movement also makes for some of the most exciting and anticipated fishing of... Read Complete Article
northern pike caught on smithwick rogue

Up-North Jerkbait Tips

Slender, minnow-imitating stickbaits work wonders for a variety of freshwater gamefish. From bass to pike and walleyes, few predators can resist the tantalizing twitch, pause and rolling action of a well-presented minnowbait. Of course, as with any technique, a few tricks of the trade can mean the difference between catching... Read Complete Article
brad wiegmann

Striper Fishing Tips For Fall and Spring

If you want to catch stripers, all you need to know is the water temperature. It's that simple. Stripers prefer water temperature around 55- to 68-degrees. If the water is too hot, they may feed shallow occasionally, but quickly return to the oxygenated rich, cooler water. Same goes for extremely cold... Read Complete Article
booyah pike

Pike Patterns: Spinnerbaits and Weeds

A northern pike is a tubular fuselage of green fury. The coloration is no accident. It's camouflage, allowing it to propel itself from weeds into prey suddenly to surprise, confuse, and add weight through momentum. Shock-and-awe, aquatic style. Nothing aids that approach more than a bright, green stand of weeds,... Read Complete Article

How to Catch Sharks on Topwater

"Shark!" That is what angler Jason Laughlin shouted as topwater offering meant for speckled trout was savaged by razor sharp teeth. "We went out to catch trout and redfish and there were sharks all over the place feeding on the surface. Me and my friend Jimmy Owens figured we might as well... Read Complete Article
edwin evers and the new yum f2 mightee worm

Power Shaking Tips From Edwin Evers

Pro anglers always have been as tight-lipped as a post-front largemouth. Back in the early days of tournament fishing, an angler could find a little known lure or develop a new technique and exploit it for years (see Rebel Pop-R), but not anymore. With every cast observed by a throng... Read Complete Article
booyah pigskin jig

Bass Jig Fishing Tips From The Pros

It's quite possible that the jig has caught more big bass and helped anglers win more tournaments than any other lure. Bass jigs are tremendously versatile and can be flipped to shallow cover, pitched to mid-range depths or dragged and twitched in deep water. Anglers can swim them right on... Read Complete Article


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