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nathaniel samsel

4 Best Places For A Smallmouth Bass Vacation

Is the family bugging you to take them somewhere this summer? You know, there's no reason not to pick a spot where you can get in a couple days of smallmouth bass fishing, too. Here are four top spots for a family vacation within easy distance of some of the... Read Complete Article

Lake Texoma Report: Old School(ies) and Night Bassin'

There are still a few old guides around who can vouch for me when I say that 30 years ago BS (Before Striper), acres and acres of white bass, a.k.a. sand bass, used to churn the water to a froth in Soldier Creek flats and elsewhere on Lake Texoma. During... Read Complete Article

Glenn Wheeler's On The Porch: A Crappie Day In Compton

Have I ever told you about one of the crappiest days in the history of Compton, Ark.? I haven't? Well, swaller' your drink. You don't want it coming out your nose. Two of mine and Honey's dearest friends is a couple we have known for years, Frank and June. Now, Frank... Read Complete Article
glenn wheeler is backwoods crazy

Glenn Wheeler's On The Porch

Have I ever told you about the time we terrorized the tourists with a dead snake? No? Well, pour you a glass of sweet tea, this is good… Growing up in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas near the Buffalo National River didn't offer a lot of high-brow social activities. I mean,... Read Complete Article
bill schultz

More Than 5,000 Smallies Caught on Teeny Wee Crawfish

In 1992 I bought my first Rebel Teeny Wee Crawfish to fish for bluegills in a local pond. To this day I remember my first cast with this little fish-catching magnet. I caught two bluegills on that single cast, and knew I had a winner. In 1994 I first gave it... Read Complete Article
kyle with bass

Money Hound Sniffs Out Guntersville Bass

The following is a recount of three days on north Alabama's Lake Guntersville. The event was a combination of writers and fishing professionals where there was a lot of fishing and a lot of working on this beautiful bass lake. Oct. 27, 2009 Light rain pelted the window in the fuzzy morning... Read Complete Article
upper mississippi

Smallmouth Bass and Muskies At The Headwaters Of The Big Muddy

It's not your Bubba's Mississippi River. For most Southerners, the Mississippi River is a big, rolling, muddy, deep and dangerous river. That's just the way it is. It's like your second grade teacher – she was old and fat and quick to anger. She'll always be that way to you. You'd... Read Complete Article

Night Fishing Tennessee's Center Hill Lake

Highland lakes, those deep, clear and rocky beauties typically known as smallmouth bass havens, often see a lot of night fishing activity. For good reason, too. Darkness prompts the smallies to move shallower and feed heavily before the bright sun pushes them to deeper water. Friday May 29th a good... Read Complete Article
parkers four baits

Kentucky Lake's Four Must-Have Lures

There are enough factors involved in catching big sacks in the Tennessee Triumph BASS Elite Series event currently underway at Kentucky Lake to flummox the weekend angler. Current, grassbeds, shallow bars, shallow fish, deeper fish holding off ledges, mussel shell beds, late spawn, postspawn and early summer patterns – auuuuggh!... Read Complete Article
parkers bass

Kentucky Lake Hot As Elite Anglers Begin

With the BASS Elite competitors fishing now and the FLW guys there next week, Monday was a good day to visit the lake for some firsthand info. While Alton, Tim, Zell and the rest of the best fishermen in the world were stressing over what they were finding and the tourney, which starts... Read Complete Article


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