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Hot Winter Cold Front Bassin

Thermostat be danged, I'm going fishing. Not because it's the only way to escape the relentless commercialism of Christmas that started in September, no, I'm going fishing because I know that now is the best time to catch big bass…and lots of them. Truth is, bass fishing really starts heating... Read Complete Article

Temporary Fall Patterns

Fall and early winter is a great time to fish, but some times are better than others. Look for these three conditions/situations while you're on the water and you can have the best day of fishing ever. 1. In-Flows, Run-Offs and Spoils You may not want to brave a cold November rain,... Read Complete Article

Fall Froggin’

Frost on the pumpkin doesn't mean it's time to put the frogs away. Late fall is a great time to catch bass on hollow body frogs, and here's advice from the best fishing pros in the business on getting the most out of your autumnal amphibian angling. Elite pro Zell... Read Complete Article

Striper Fishing: Live Bait is Dead

Catching a big striped bass can be the most thrilling few minutes of your freshwater career, especially if the massive beast smashes a topwater lure or about breaks your arm with a surprising spoon strike. Unfortunately, many people get the wrong impression of striper fishing after a single trip with... Read Complete Article

Three Reasons You Don't Catch Bass In Fall

The long, hot summer has come to an end. Water temperatures may still be near 70, but they're falling. With the leaves turning, a crispness to the air and fair days, it's the best time of the year to be on the water. So why aren't you catching more... Read Complete Article

The Season Of The Spook

Cooling waters and frost on the pumpkin mean it's the season of the Spook!The Heddon Spook is a deadly topwater lure for bass throughout the year, but top pro anglers agree that the Spook's eerie zombie walk is particularly spine tingling in fall."There's an added element of excitement when you... Read Complete Article

Late Fall Heavy Metal Bassin'

Spoons and blade baits have a special place in the knowing angler's bass arsenal. They may sit in tackle storage for months without seeing action, but when the chill of fall arrives, you can be sure they will be ready to play."Jigging spoons like the C.C. Spoon from Cotton... Read Complete Article

Top Five Halloween Lures

Don't trick-or-treat this year -- get on the water for some seriously scary bass fishing. These lures can bring your fishing career back to life! 1. BOOYAH Boo Rig Piercing red 3D eyes lead the way for this unique castable umbrella rig. The Boo Rig features a single flexible lure arm that... Read Complete Article

How Deep-South Bass Deal With Fall Cold Fronts
(And How To Still Catch Them)

Technically, it's not "cold" just yet, but Mother Nature likes to fiddle with fishermen on the front and backside of winter with minor fronts that rattle the bass fishing cage just enough to push anglers outside their comfort zone. Adjustments may range from minor tweaks to major overhauls, and experienced... Read Complete Article

Fall Foliage and Appalachian Smallmouth

Your spouse wants to see the fall foliage. The kids need a break from schoolwork. You've done your part, too, singing those workingman blues. Before the craziness of the holidays, give yourself a minute to remember the glory of nature. There's no better escape than to an Appalachian smallmouth stream.... Read Complete Article


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