Fishing Lures by Brand

Shop your favorite Lurenet fishing lures by brand; YUM, Booyah, Bomber, Heddon, Lazy Ike, XCalibur, Cotton Cordell, Creek Chub, Smithwick, Rebel, Silver Thread & Arbogast


Arbogast Lures

Veteran anglers turn to Arbogast fishing lures for surface-shattering topwater fishing action. Well known as the best topwater lures in the business, Arbogast fishing lures are supreme for bass fishing, pike fishing or panfish fishing.

Bomber Lures

Bomber fishing lures give you the right bait for any job, with a versatile line of crankbaits, minnows, jerkbaits and more.


Booyah fishing baits are the champions' choice for the best bass fishing action. From spinnerbaits to buzzbaits to jigs, BOOYAH makes some of the best baits around.

Cotton Cordell Lures

Originally developed for fishing guides who needed a no-fail fishing lure, Cotton Cordell fishing lures are tournament-caliber lures that are perfect for walleye fishing or bass fishing.

Creek Chub Lures

Many world-record fish have been caught using a Creek Chub fishing bait. Made for heavyweights, these baits work for both freshwater fishing and surf fishing.

XCalibur Lures & Terminal Tackle

Using advanced engineering, XCalibur has revolutionized several proven fishing lure styles and terminal fishing tackle.

Heddon Lures

Heddon fishing lures are some of the world's best-selling fishing lures for bass, pike, trout, redfish and more. It's no surprise that these powerful lures are popular for all types of fishing.

Lazy Ike Lures

Prized for their versatility, Lazy Ike fishing lures are a must-have for every experienced fisherman's tackle box. Boasting a simple shallow-running design, the lure's slow wobble draws in the big fish every time.

Rebel Lures

Since the first Rebel Minnow, Rebel Lures have exceeded fishermen's expectations with constant innovation. We offer an assortment of sizes and styles to fit the needs of any fishing expedition.

Silver Thread

Pro anglers need fishing line they can rely on. You can trust Silver Thread's copolymer fishing line for a stronger, more stable fishing line that ensures superior casting and great knot strength.

Smithwick Lures

Generations of anglers have to come to rely on the Smithwick brand to produce the best in fishing lure finish technology. Our fishing lures provide loud rattles and wounded-minnow action so realistic that fish won't know what hit them. Bass and walleye can’t resist the unmatched appeal of a Smithwick fishing lure.

YUM Baits

YUM soft plastic baits are true fish attractants containing biological and natural fish oils with special ingredients that simulate an injured food source. is the OFFICIAL site of these brands