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Bomber Silent Fat Free Shad

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The Bomber Silent Fat Free Shad is the ideal crankbait for when you need those silent moments to attract more fish. Most pro anglers have two versions of identical, productive crankbaits on hand for every tournament -- one that rattles and one that's silent. Why? Because after whacking a few fish from a school and the action slows down, these guys know that they can pick up a few more by switching to the silent version of the same bait. Silent crankbaits also are the preferred style in gin-clear water, especially if its experienced heavy fishing pressure. The Fat Free Shad has been recognized as the leader in the crankbait industry for more than a decade and it's still going strong.

  • Reliable durability
  • Proven bass tournament winning crankbait
  • Ideal for heavily pressured waters
Length Count Cranking Depth   Hooks
 3 in  1  17 - 19 Feet  # 2 Tx3

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