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Bomber Drumbeater

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The Drumbeater’s blade size and arm length, along with a precision ball-barrel swivel maximize “thump,” which is evident as you pull this bait through the water. Heavy-duty stainless wire, a clothespin design, and a heavy black nickel hook ensure that the bait will handle the brutal attacks and powerful surges of big reds. The Bomber Drumbeater comes in two sizes (1/4- and 1/8-ounce) and both sizes come in six different colors, each handpicked for inshore saltwater fishing. Flexibility goes farther than that, though. The head is attached with a clip so both head and body can be changed quickly to accommodate changing conditions or to pattern the fish. As the name suggests, the Drumbeater was designed primarily for targeting red drum (redfish). However, the same thumping blade and Mud Minnow body appeal to speckled trout, bass and a host of other gamefish species in freshwater and saltwater alike.

  • Features heavy-duty .40" stainless wire
  • Perfect for inshore Redfish, Trout, Flounder and freshwater species such as Bass
  • Comes equipped with a 24kt gold-plated blade, premium black nickel 3/0 hook, and a 4 inch YUM mud minnow
Model Weight (oz) (g) Blade Size Hook
BSWDB1 1/8 3.54 4.5 3/0
BSWDB2 1/4 1.08 4.5 4/0


Introducing the Bomber Drumbeater

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