Lots of folks fish jigging spoons. Almost all fish them the same way. Find fish on the depth finder, drop a spoon on their heads and jig up and down.

I prefer to stay to the side of fish, rather than on top of them. So, I have found a way to fish the Cotton Cordell C.C. Spoon without getting on top of the fish. Very simply, I cast it. It has been working for me, every summer and every winter, for over 15 years. And it works at times in spring and fall. Basically, it works anytime that bass are schooled up and feeding on shad.

Of course, the first thing you must do is position yourself in an area that has fish. In the summer and winter you can generally find groups of fish around the main channel, long points and more subtle humps and depressions offshore. Also, in summer and winter, you can weed out any areas that don't have shad. When you find what you are looking for, position your boat over the deepest water and make a long cast. As soon as your spoon hits the water, engage your reel and hold your line semi-tight, just tight enough so you can maintain contact with the bait. When your line goes slack, you either have hit bottom or you have a fish!

Rather than check to see if it is a fish, immediately pump your rod up from 10 to 12 o’ clock while reeling (this will set the small trebles if it is a fish). I usually give it about three pumps. This will get your bait roughly 4 to 8 feet off bottom. Let it fall again on the same line tension as before. The second it touches bottom or the line goes slack you should be pumping and reeling again.