The saltwater inshore scene offers plenty of targets, from oyster bars, to rocky outcroppings, to island points. But complementing these piscatorial magnets, coastal anglers should also take advantage of the occasional oddball objects that turn up in the middle of a flat, along a channel edge, or just about anywhere the tides flow.

For example, floating navigational markers (including reef markers) occasionally break loose and drift into shallow resting spots. Similarly, derelict crab traps tend to gather in tangled masses following storms.

On top of that, palm trees, mangroves and others might drift their way onto a shallow bar or end up wedged against an island shoreline. Whatever the case, these random structures hold undeniable angling attraction.

Taking a page from the bass angler’s playbook, consider these objects the proverbial “stump in the pond.” Benefits include current breaks, shade/cover and ambush spots.

Next time you spot something out of the ordinary in your shallow water fishing grounds, don’t lament the unsightly intrusion — check out its fish-attracting potential. First, probe the area with a topwater like a Heddon One Knocker Spook, then go subsurface with a Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk SS and clean up the spot by working the lower depths with a Shad Head Jig and a YUM Mud Minnow.