Warm water and lots of bait —that’s the simplest explanation for why the next few months will offer tremendous opportunities for fishing beaches on foot. From the Florida snook spawn, which sees thousands of linesiders (many of them trophy size), to the geographically diverse shallow feeding of speckled trout, redfish, jacks, bluefish and Spanish mackerel; walking beaches will afford you many light tackle opportunities.

Live baiting with shrimp or indigenous baitfish will produce, but you can cover more area and find active fish by throwing artificials.

Bomber Original Nylure Jig: Versatile and user-friendly, this bait is one of the best around at tempting pompano, permit and even redfish foraging in the shallow surf. Compact and aerodynamic, this jig casts like a dream and puffs its way across the bottom to resemble a small crab or sand flea.

Heddon Saltwater Spook: Early mornings with calm surf conditions can deliver astounding topwater action. Whether you’re enticing single fish by sight casting beyond their silhouette and walking the bait past their nose, or capitalizing on the sudden white water commotion of a bluefish, jack or mackerel frenzy, the Spook is a must for beach fishing fun.

Bomber Paradise Popper X-treme: A serious noise maker, the cork can be highly effective for targeting particular spots, such as the edge of a jetty, a well-defined runout, rocks or a pier’s perimeter. Hang a live bait or jerk and hop a Shad Head Jig with your favorite plastic and drift through the strike zone.