“It’s like a bee flying around your face that you swat at as a reaction,” Pete Ponds said about his yo-yo presentation of Bandit Flatmaxx Shallow and the bass’ near certain reaction. He starts and stops the retrieve so the bait continually goes up and down, and the bass can’t resist attacking.

Ponds makes heavy use of the Flatmaxx Shallow early in the spring, especially in lowland lakes that have fairly flat contours. He works it across broad flats, often over submerged vegetation, where pre-spawn fish cruise, and he uses his yo-yo approach to aggravate the bass.

“I fish it in a lot of the same types of areas where you might fish a lipless crankbait,” he said.

Ponds has learned that the afternoon bite typically is better than the morning bite because the sun warms the water through the day, and he always looks for the warmest water available. Often that is adjacent to a north bank due to protection from cool winds.

The bass cruise in wolfpacks this time of year, so when Ponds catches one, he’ll always make several casts to the same area, and often he’ll catch several more bass without moving the boat.

Ponds fishes mostly with bright color patterns that feature red, such as Red Crawfish and Spring Craw Yellow, for this approach. He generally fishes a Flatmaxx Shallow on 14-pound-test monofilament.