Soft-plastic jerkbaits are deceiving. They don’t look like much to the naked eye, but put them in the water and their enticing side-to-side glide and tempting undulations as it sinks drive bass crazy. And YUM’s Swurm jerkbait, with its thin, supple body and oversized eyes, leads the pack.

Rigging the lure weightless on an offset worm hook, or on a medium-light leadhead jig, results in the classic, bass-catching action soft jerks are known for. YUM regional pro, Donna Mullins, prefers another rigging method, however; one she says creates the ultimate deception.

“I like to wacky rig the 4¾-inch Swurm,” the pro from Crossville, Tenn., said. “After casting or twitching the bait it falls horizontally — belly up. And its flexible body shimmies as it falls. It looks and acts exactly like a wounded or dying baitfish.”

Mullins fishes the wacky Swurm weightless on a 3/0 or 4/0 offset, wide-gap worm hook placed carefully through the body at a point closer to the lure’s eye than its mid-point.

“Even though the hook is more toward the front, the bait falls horizontally and its thin body vibrates and quivers as if sinks,” she said. “Many anglers like to go with a 5/0 hook when fishing soft jerkbaits, but I prefer the smaller hooks for this presentation because they allow for a perfect sink-rate and maximum action.”

Fished along weedlines and docks, over rocks, or the edges of brush and trees, there isn’t anywhere the wacky Swurm won’t catch bass, she said. Color selection depends on water clarity and temperature, season and the dominant forage species, but Watermelon Seed is her first choice in most cases. “This is my go-to color in almost any type of water condition.”