Springtime cranking can mimic several forage options, but one of the most common and effective shallow water ruses is the crawfish imitation. A straightforward crustacean impersonation is no-doubt convincing, but the Bandit Mistake color known as Malfunction combines the Brown Craw Orange Belly pattern with Spring Craw and offers the strategic benefit of showing fish two distinctly different looks.

An important strategy for any shallow crankbait is impact and deflection. This, however, is particularly relevant with the Bandit Mistake patterns because those sudden side-to-side swings show off the bait’s different looks.

For maximum display, use minimal rod work and give the bait a second of pause after each deflection to allow the bait to do what it’s designed to do — ricochet up and to the side. This gives any interested fish two looks from which to chose.

A slower reel speed helps ensure the moderate retrieve rate that’ll prevent you from overdoing it on the pacing. Crawfish aren’t the fastest creatures in the water and early spring water temperatures still find fish a little on the sluggish side — at least until a sunny day has warmed the shallows.

Also consider that fluorocarbon’s sinking properties can limit a bait’s deflection. Monofilament or copolymer lines might be a better choice here.