There’s nothing wrong with the old tried-and-true, but savvy anglers never allow any bait to be fettered by a one-dimensional approach. Case in point: The YUM 10-inch Ribbontail. A great option for the classic summertime tactic of slowly dragging a lanky Texas-rigged bait, this big worm can also deliver big results in a more active presentation.

On lakes with healthy grass beds, the hydrilla and milfoil will eventually top out and form mats, but before this vegetation reaches the surface, the space in between offers a productive zone for swimming a big worm. With a large profile and lots of action, this bait serves as both a search tool and a rig for targeting big fish.

Rigged with a 5/0 EWG hook and a 1/4- to 5/16-ounce weight, the big worm falls with a tantalizing action, but with a slow swimming retrieve, this becomes an irresistible look for any bass sulking in the grass.

Fished somewhat like a spinnerbait, the big worm lets you cover lots of water to locate active fish, so don’t hesitate to haul back and heave a long cast. You want to maintain light contact with the grass, so if you feel your bait moving too freely, kill it and let the worm regain its position right atop the grass.