Angling innovation is the constant pursuit of better ways to accomplish the same objective. Case in point: Carolina rigging. We typically see this slow dragging technique as employing a slip sinker positioned on a main line above a swivel connecting a leader and bait.

Nothing wrong with this setup, but in certain scenarios like super clear water and/or pressured fish, rigging with a lighter setup might be a better call. Downsizing main line, leader and weight size helps, but we can also improve the deal by tweaking the rig design.

For a lighter version of the Carolina rig, nix the swivel and leader. In their absence, you’ll tie your main line directly to the bait.

Only piece missing is the weight. Crimping a heavy split shot to your line is one option, but this can weaken it and risk breaking at the wrong time.

A better option is to use a slip sinker and simply control its distance from your hook and bait with an Arbogast Bobber Stop and bead placed below the sinker. It’s essentially the inverse of how these stops are used with bobbers, only instead of limiting a bobber’s upward movement, you're limiting a sinker’s downward movement.

Need more or less distance between weight and hook? Simply adjust the Arbogast bobber stop and get back to fishing.