As spring’s warm stimulates increasing activity in coastal shallows, surf anglers have many options for walking, popping and darting style baits. Each have their purpose, but day in and day out, you’d be hard pressed to find a more versatile and user-friendly option than a Cotton Cordell CC Spoon.

The benefits are straightforward efficiency. The spoon casts like a bullet, punches through even a blustery wind, mimics surf-running forage and puts on a fish-tempting display with little more than a straight retrieve.

On the beach, pick a promising area based on favorable contour, bait schools, bird activity, etc. and fan cast from your 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock. Pay attention to the range at which strikes, boils or follows occur and combine this with tide stage to figure out if the fish are moving in or out.

Jetties protecting coastal inlets make great spoon targets. From the beach, trace the edges of the rocks, but keep the lure moving or you might catch snags.

Fish your CC Spoon on 30-pound braided line with a 30-pound fluorocarbon leader. Keep the leader to about 18 inches, as too much fluoro can impede the action. If mackerel and/or bluefish are thick, bump up to 40-pound fluoro, or go with a wire leader.