With warm temperatures holding on for a few more weeks, there’s still a bunch of bass hiding in the shadows of deep boat docks. In deep reservoirs, where  docks may have 70-plus feet of water under their floats, bass have a tremendous range of shaded depths in which to find the temperature they prefer.

Of all the baits you could choose for targeting these fish, few can match the effectiveness and ease of operation offered by a Cotton Cordell CC Spoon. The dense design casts like a bullet - even with an easy pitch - and sinks fast to carry that flashy, shad-imitating appearance to the fish

A few points to consider:

  • Empty boat stalls may offer the easiest presentations, but don’t be afraid to get up close and cast around occupied stalls where boats and their lifts challenge your presentations. It’s often the real studs that hide behind the most challenging of reaches.
  • Start with a deep drop and work the spoon through the water column until you pinpoint the fish’s location.
  • Stinger harnesses (an extra single hook tethered to the top of the spoon) can increase your hookups and keep more fish from throwing the spoon by adding a second pinning point.