We’ve all heard it; that splash, splash, splash-splash, gulp! No doubt, schooling baitfish create exciting moments of brief opportunity, as bass corral shad, blueback herring and the like when current and/or water temperature pull the forage fish into tight balls.

On river systems, daily current increases will position baitfish on a variety of areas, but when the baitfish gather over shallow flats along the edge of the river channel, you’ll often see them swirling and flipping around scattered wood, bars, etc. Power generation needs determine the day-to-day water release schedules, so afternoons often see a current increase, as families arriving home from work and school demand more power for everything from AC to video games.

Among the many baits that will tempt bass running the schooled bait, the YUM Break'N Shad is one of your best bets for the quick-hit attack you’ll need when the fish come up schooling.

Rig the bait on a 4/0 offset wide gap hook for the weedless presentation you’ll need around shallow cover. In open water, try a 3/16- to 1/4-ounce swimbait head, or slide a light bullet weight onto the line before tying to the line.

Throughout the summer months, keep a YUM Break'N Shad on your deck at all times. You never know when the next schooling rally may occur, but success hinges upon your ability to promptly capitalize on this opportunity.