The lure that catches the most, biggest fish throughout the three days of the Bassmaster Classic gains serious fans. Everybody gets one.

Here’s what a few pro anglers and Guntersville guides say will be the one that catches them this year.

Jimmy Mason, Northern Alabama Fishing Guide and Tournament Angler

“I think it’ll be a lipless bite,” he said. “This lake is known to produce big time at that time of year by cranking a bait like the Xr50 through flats with sparse grass growth.

“Color patterns will be either a baitfish look like the Foxy Shad or some type of red, but the Royal Shad color, which has purple on top and a baitfish look below, is a traditional Guntersville color.”

Matt Lee, Tournament Angler, 2013 Classic Contender

“I’ve had a lot of luck on this lake at that time of year with a single swimbait on a jighead,” he said. “It’s a lot like the lipless crankbait bite, but you can fish it slower and deeper.

“A single Money Minnow fished on a jighead is a good choice. The 5-inch version is what I’d throw – they’re going to be fishing for big bass, and that;s a good size for big bass. Baitfish colors are good, Foxy Shad, something like that.”

Alton Jones, B.A.S.S. Elite Pro, 2014 Classic Competitor

“I’ll go with a lipless – the Xr50 is a good one for me,” he said, “but the One Knocker may be it. It’s got that single tungsten ball bearing rattle that just seems to catch them.”

“A baitfish look or Rayburn Red, those are the two colors that’ll work. There may be some jerkbait fish caught or some type of vibrating jig, but I really think the lipless bite is going to do it.”

Tim Chandler, Longtime Guntersville Guide

“I know what they’d catch them on if they could use a YUMbrella, but since they can’t, I’m going to say a lipless bait, jerkbait or a single swimbait on a jighead. Those three lure categories are going to produce. It’s just the guy that finds the right ones that’ll win,” he said.

“For numbers of fish, the lipless bait like the One Knocker or Xr50 is best, but those guys are going to be looking for the biggest five, and they don’t care if they just get five bites a day as long a they’re the right ones. For big fish at that time, I think the big swimbait on a jighead.

Jason Christie, B.A.S.S. Elite and FLW Tour Pro

“You know that I’m going to have a Rogue tied on,” he said. “There’s a good jerkbait bite there in the early spring, and it’s just going to depend on if its right.”

“Other lures that could come into play are a vibrating jig, lipless crankbait, swimbait and maybe even a spinnerbait.”

Patrick Bone, Southern Open Champion, Rookie 2014 Classic Competitor

“Several lures could come into play, the usual lipless baits and swimbaits, but I’m really hoping I can get on them with a square-lip crankbait,” he said. “There are so many great spots to throw that bait up shallow, and I’m just hoping the weather cooperates so I can do that.

“If that doesn’t pan out, I’m like the rest of the folks in the field who’ll be throwing a lipless crankbait some, but I’ve been thinking about the Cordell Spot instead of the usual suspects. It rides higher in the water column, and sinks slower, and I think that can make a difference."

Jordan Lee, 2014 College Qualifier for the Classic

“For me, it’s going to be all about a jig and a lipless bait,” Lee said. “In February at Guntersville, I usually throw a ½-ounce Xr50 or ¾-ounce Xr75 lipless crankbait as a search bait, then switch to a jig in those same areas when I find a productive spot.”