The Bandit Mistake color pattern is the first and only crankbait featuring two different color patterns, one on each side. This dual pattern bait was never a real "mistake," it was created to give bass give anglers a second chance at bass. If the fish doesn't want the pattern on one side, the next cast (to the other side) gives it a different look.

The original Mistake pattern is one of Bandit's most-popular baits, and now anglers can make three additional "mistakes," with the Crossbreed, the Malfunction and the Mistaken Identity. Today we look at the Malfunction pattern and get some advice from guide and tournament angler Jimmy Mason, who catches Bandit bass from some of Alabama’s most-legendary waters. (All new "Mistake" color patterns are available in Bandit 100, 200 and 300 series baits.)

Colors: Brown Craw Orange Belly/Spring Craw

When/Where: “I’m a huge fan of the Spring Craw color and I’m excited about the Malfunction color. I use those color patterns during the prespawn and during the fall,” Mason said. “Spring Craw is always a great color for me anytime the water is below 60 degrees. I throw it on steeper rock banks and riprap, paralleling grass edges where grass and rock come together.”

Mason said he’ll use the Malfunction color in a Bandit 100 Series through shallow grass and gravel bars.

“If I’m fishing bluffs, a lot of times I’ll be fishing the 200 and the 300,” he said. “The 200 is the one I throw the most, but if the fish are deeper I’ll throw the 300.”

Mason said rod work is important with this crawfish-impersonating color – but only in the underplayed sense.

“When I’m fishing rocks like that, I’m not giving it a lot of action with my rod; I’m letting the bait ricochet off the bottom to give it all the action,” he said. “The only thing I’ll do is I’ll hesitate when the bait hits a rock.”