They’re made for man’s waterfront recreation, but docks also serve a bass’s interests in terms of shelter and feeding opportunities. Trolling down a line of docks and making a couple casts to each one might deliver the occasional luck bite, but for consistency, think “total coverage.” Here’s a few pointers to consider:

Angles First: On first approach, make several perpendicular to diagonal casts to the dock with something that’ll get in and get out quickly to trigger aggressive fish. A Bandit 200 or a 3 1/2-inch YUM Money Minnow will do the trick.

Perimeter Patrol: Trace both sides of a dock with moving baits like a spinnerbait or topwaters like the Heddon One Knocker Spook or the Baby Torpedo.

Back-to-Front: Seasonality will determine if more of the action will occur toward the shallow end (spawn) or the deeper face (summer), but in between, fish could be scattered along the walkway, as well as the end structure. Pitching or skipping a Booyah Finance Jig is a good bet for probing the entire dock.

Poke Around: If you’re confident the dock holds fish, but they’re not responding to more aggressive tactics, send in the shaky head and and wiggle it near those dock legs until the fish can’t stand it any longer.