June 20 may be summer’s official commencement, but much of the nation’s bass waters have already started seeing the fish winding down their postspawn patterns and beginning their seasonal transitions from the shorelines to deeper haunts.

That being said, we can still find a few fish worth catching on shoreline cover, but it’s important to note a couple of key points. First, numbers are dropping as more and more fish move deeper. Second, the target zones will become more narrowly defined.

Topping the list of productive habitat features is shade. That could be overhanging limbs/brush, trees. Sun angles play a big role this time of year, so work those west-facing banks early and give the east-facing areas your afternoon focus.

Water movement also matters, so pay attention to the dam release schedules and look for spikes in feeding when the current increases. Also, realize that boat traffic stirs up the water and, while this creates navigational headaches, the wakes of a busy weekend can actually serve some angling benefit by stirring enough water movement to stimulant lethargic bass.

Fish those laydowns and brush by flipping a Texas-rigged YUM Christie Critter or bouncing a Bandit 200 off the cover. Same works on those docks, but don’t hesitate to trace the shady sides with a moving bait like the YUM Pulse swimbait.