The 2013 Bassmaster Classic is setting up as the perfect storm for a new product developed for the exact conditions Classic contenders are predicted to face – cold water and post-front on a highland-type reservoir. These are the conditions that made the Smithwick Rogue a classic lure. But it may not be the classic Rogue that does it.

Smithwick developed a new Rogue – one more in-tune with today’s anglers – the Perfect 10 Rogue, which features new semi-transparent bodies, a tungsten rattle, a new lip design that takes it deeper than 10 feet and high-quality Gamakatsu No. 4 treble hooks. While the Classic was set as a goal for the introduction, development on this new Rogue has been a long-term process.

Smithwick pros like Classic-favorite Jason Christie have been working with the company for several years to produce a jerkbait that dives deeper than others and features color patterns not available in the regular line. It took creating the lure from a different material and innovation in color application, as well as a re-design of the lip so it dove deeper, quicker. The new lip design also produces a more reactive jerkbait that rights itself quicker after a twitch and suspends with a horizontal, slightly nose-down attitude.

Designers and anglers alike wanted to accomplish all of this while still retaining the classic “Rogue Roll,” or “Death Roll,” that made the Rogue such an effective lure. The Death Roll is that exaggerated roll of the lure on the twitch that mimics the death throes of a baitfish. This characteristic, along with the unique and proven tungsten rattle, combine to produce tremendous strike triggers.

Eight new color patterns were developed for the Perfect 10 Rogue, and were also added to the regular line of Suspending Rattlin’ Rogues. These color patterns were designed with influence from professional anglers and guides to maximize flash from the added scale flecks, which is multiplied by the Rogue Roll. This provides attraction abilities from a distance, but the semi-transparent bodies remain realistic when bass approach up close.

The main deets on the new Perfect 10 Rogue are that it’s 5 ½-inches in length and weighs 5/8-ounce. There are eight total color patterns, all semi-transparent. Hooks are high-quality Gamakatsu No. 4s. These eight color patterns also have been added to the regular Suspending Rattlin’ Rogue lineup. The Perfect 10 dives to beyond 10 feet.

For more information on the new Perfect 10 Rogue go to…well, nowhere. No other information is available anywhere. The Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue is available only at the Dick’s Sporting Goods booth at the Bassmaster Classic expo, at the three Tulsa area Dick’s Sporting Goods locations and the Bass Pro Shops in Broken Arrow, Okla., but stock is very limited and don’t expect them to be available for long. More are on the way, though, and when they arrive they’ll be available at “your local sporting goods dealers,” and at