By Hiro Naito

My name is Hiro Naito. I love bass fishing so much. I started bass fishing with artificial bait more than 50 years ago when I was 10 years old in Japan.

Back then, there was nobody who could teach me how to use it. Of course, there were no fishing videos either. I knew I needed to move the lure in order to get a bite from a bass. So, I cast out and kept cranking the reel. I was casting lures into open water.

One day, I saw an American angler standing at the shore. He must have been an Air Force personal at the nearby military station. He made a cast parallel to the shoreline, almost into the heavy cover. Just seeing a cast with such accuracy was impressive. Then after a moment, his lure started dancing on the water. His rod was moving like a conductor’s baton. His lure looked livelier than anything I saw. Then, there was an explosion over the water. Mr. Bass took his lure. The shock I had was like I was hit by a freight train. I realized everything I had been doing was not close to what I just saw with my own eyes!

That moment, my direction of artificial fishing was guided. He was not wearing a cape, but he was certainly a fishing super hero to. He showed me what I should have done.

I graduated from university in Japan in 1978. My major was Aeronautical Engineering. I came to U.S. for more study. Meanwhile, I talked a Japanese publication into letting me write about bass fishing in U.S. Bass fishing in Japan has been increasing popularity by leaps and bounds since late 1970s.

In 1982, I attended and covered my first Bassmaster Classic. Since then, I have written five complete books about American-style bass fishing. Fifteen of my DVDs are still on the market in Japan. The oldest one was released 16 years ago.

A quest to be a lure specialist is my life’s work. alone has more than 1,000 years of lure making history when I combine different brands altogether. Lots of lure designer did not talk about what made his lures different from the others. It was like magicians never reveal his magic tricks. Now I have an opportunity to write about my findings.

I will start writing about some of Heddon lures next time.