By Hiro Naito

The Heddon Zara Spook is one of the most popular topwater lure because of how well it catches fish. It has been very popular among tournament bass fishermen as well as the everyday anglers going after big bass. I happen to be in the latter group.

I have met lots of great fisherman since I came to the USA back in 1978 and learned many things from them. It was not just their casting ability. It was more on how they make a lure fit into the condition they are fishing. Sometimes, it was a modification on lure itself. The other times was how they controlled the movement of the lure. Everyone was a little bit different from the others. But these are the three best tips I’ve learned over the years.

1. Speed up your rod stroke when the Spook makes a turn. This will make your Spook slash the water with the side of the body during the turn. The sound created by the side of Spook is similar to the sound of large baitfish trying to escape from a predator.

2. Change the retrieve speed. Most fishermen tend to slow down the retrieve speed when fishing is tough. Contrary to that thought, speeding up may stimulate competitiveness of bass to eat baitfish. So, slowing down is not always to the right answer.

3. Using a double hook increases the area you can fish. A treble hook that is pointing down will always get hung up on cover or floating objects. You can avoid that by using a double hook which is pointing up. I like to cut one point off from the original treble hook. Always cut the welded part of the hook shank.

If there is bass in water, a Zara Spook always finds the way to bring me a big smile and, more importantly, a big fish.