It’s no secret that lipless crankbaits like the Booyah Hard Knocker or Cotton Cordell Super Spot do a great job of tempting prespawn bass. In the standard fast-paced, pure power fishing technique, this type of bait does most of the work for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your presentations.

Next time you’re looking to entice a big prespawner, consider these dance moves:

Yo-Yoing — A vertical presentation that does just what the name implies, this up-and-down repetition keeps the noisy, vibrating bait in the fish’s face long enough to make even the most reticent fish bite. This is a good bet for post-frontal days when the fish are lethargic.

Worming — Find some sparse grass with a foot or so of water above it and a slow, plodding retrieve, almost like you’re slow swimming a worm, keeps the bait in a deadly position and makes it an easy target for hungry bass.

Grass Ripping — Whether you’re worming or fishing the edges of grass, those trebles occasionally grab salad. Savvy anglers will do this purposely and then snap their bait free. This sudden surge resembles a crawfish hopping from stalk to stalk or a minnow dashing for cover. Either way, it usually gets your bait crushed.