It’s relatively short in duration and a bit on the sporadic side, but the shad spawn offers a prime opportunity to sack ‘em up. Nature perfectly times this deal to coincide with the bass postspawn, so as soon as those fish have completed their reproductive ritual, the baitfish procreation period presents concentrated feeding opportunities.

Shad spawns take place right at daybreak with thousands of silver figures flipping and flashing around docks, seawalls, grass edges and nearshore humps and flats. One of the best baits for fishing the shad spawn is a Booyah Pad Crasher. Buoyant and easy to work, the bait does a great job of imitating a shad flickering across the surface.

A couple of modifications will benefit your frogging efforts: First, turn those hook points up a few degrees because the bass are dashing a slashing, so you don’t want to miss any opportunities.

Also, trim the skirt legs to about half or 3/4 of the original length. This will lessen the water drag and allow you to work the bait in a faster, more erratic pattern to match the shad’s frantic movements.