By David A. Brown

Bass love frogs and models like the BOOYAH Pad Crasher can draw incredible strikes. Improve your bait’s performance with these tips:

Know the Cover – Matted grass is easier for a frog to traverse, but the denser structure of lily pads can be tougher to navigate. Here, a more patient presentation with frequent pauses in those little windows between pads works best. Don’t hesitate to let your frog drop out of sight and hover under a pad. Someone may be watching from below and this moment of vulnerability can be too much to resist.

No Hang Ups – Holding the rod tip high keeps a frog’s nose pointed up to minimize instances of catching on the vegetation – particularly when fishing in lily pads and spatterdock. Lessen your hang-ups and you’ll minimize that awkward tugging that spooks fish.

To Pop or Not – The Poppin' Pad Crasher typically finds its place in open-water scenarios, but at times, this bait can benefit you atop matted vegetation. Contrary to the high-rod retrieve in lily pads, try holding the rod low and pulling a popping frog across lightly matted grass – particularly grass with an algae film over top. Digging that concave face into the cover enhances the presentation with the illusion of something struggling to get through the vegetation.