Everyone makes mistakes — some just use them to catch more fish.

That’s the unlikely success story of the original “Mistake” color pattern - a head-scratching combination of a black back and vertical bars over a red base on one side and chartreuse on the other. What started as a tackle shop’s special order became one of Bandit’s top sellers and one of the company’s most productive baits.

ICAST 2015 saw Bandit showing the world that some mistakes are worth repeating - and expanding. That’s the story behind a trio of crankbait color patterns that go by the names Cross Breed, Malfunction and Mistaken Identity.

Collectively the Bandit mistake lineup banks its appeal on a timeless angling axiom - diversity.

Working the same bait past both sides of a log, laydown, stump, etc. gives the fish a different look on each pass. Same’s true of rip rap banks - casting up and then down the line presents a different color pattern for each direction.

“When you think about that erratic action of a crankbait with it hunting or kicking out, I think it’s the same thing color-wise when you have an erratic flash,” said Pickwick Lake guide Jimmy Mason. “That gives the fish a different look that triggers some bites.

“When you’re making multiple casts and the bait ricochets left and right, it will have a different look, as well. A fish may get a good look at one side of the bait, but then when it turns the other way, it will have a totally different look.”

Next week we’ll look at each of the three new Mistake color patterns and get tips on how/where and when to use them.