By Hiro Naito

Have you ever seen a cat landed on her back? I haven't. Cats never lose their balance. I know one lure which has a perfect balance like a cat. That is Heddon Moss Boss. It always lands with the hook point up.

The Moss Boss was introduced in 1980. It is designed to fish in heavy cover especially water vegetation. But if you take a close look on this lure, it does not have any weed guard. It looks like a spoon-type lure with open hook.

I always am trying to be open minded on new idea or new products. But sometimes, my common sense puts me into trouble and keeps me from catching more fish. I truthfully did not put Moss Boss in my tackle box at the beginning. I thought it would hang up on every cast. 

A couple of years later, I heard my friend was catching many nice bass with a Moss Boss. So, I asked him “Do you have any hanging up problems using Moss Boss for heavy cover fishing?” He smiled and said, “You have not used Moss Boss yet, have you? Try it one time, and then we can talk about.”

“WOW!” was the word came out of my mouth when I made the very first cast with a Moss Boss.

I made a cast to a spot where I could retrieve the lure if it got hung up. But it landed perfectly and did not have any problem coming through the cover. So, I made a cast to thicker cover. I had a couple bass come up as a welcoming party. It did not take any time to fall in love with the Moss Boss.

Most of my retrieving methods are the same as other Moss Boss lovers. If I am fishing over matted grass, just a steady retrieve will do a job. When I see a pocket or open water, I will twitch it to make it dance. If it is a second or third cast over the same pocket, then I stop when the lure reaches open water. I just let it sink 3 or 4 inches, then bring it up to the surface. This method drives lot of bass crazy.

One of very unique retrieving method I found out is to use Moss Boss as a swimbait. I put a bullet weight about 18 inches in front of the lure.  All you need is just slow steady retrieve. Moss Boss will do figure eight with hook point always pointing up. You can select the depth zone by changing the size of the bullet weight used as an anchor point.

My advice on tackle set up is to make sure the rod has enough power and heavy line to pull out lunker bass out of the cover. I use six and half feet medium heavy action rod with 60-pound braided line.

Now, when I am asked about Moss Boss, I smile and start with “You have not made the first cast with Moss Boss, have you?” I know they will love this exciting way to catch bass.