By Hiro Naito

If you could only take one lure to use on a variety of lakes for an entire year, what would you choose?

The most popular answer may be ½-ounce single Colorado spinnerbait because of its versatility. It can be fished from shallow to deep water. But if I am asked this question, Heddon Sonar will come out of my mouth within one second.

The reason I would pick this lure is that it is more versatile than any other lure available. It can be used from super shallow to super deep water. The lure action can be selected from wide wobbling to high pitch super tight action by just where you tie your line in the three holes on the back of the lure. The 1959 Heddon catalog features this lure as “new way to FIND fish and CATCH them.” Heddon called this as AC/DC method. It stands “Action Control / Depth Control.”

If you read books or watch DVDs about bass fishing, it will tell you zone (depth) is the most important element to think about. If you are fishing the correct zone, your chances of catching bass are good regardless of the lure you are using. Then, retrieve speed of the lure and built-in action will follow. Zone, Speed, and Action is more important element than color or rattles.

I always explain Sonar as the “AC/DC/SC lure.” The last “SC” stand for “Speed Control.” If my Sonar is running 7 feet deep with the line tied into the middle hole, I can make it come through 5 feet or less of water by changing the hole to the back without changing the retrieving speed. Or I can simply crank faster without changing the hole to make the lure runs shallower. I can control the most important three elements to find and catch bass with this lure so much easier and more efficiently than any other .

Regardless of the season and water depth, Heddon Sonar will always find and catch bass.