When the topwater bite is on, it’s the best thing going. Walking the dog, with that steady, rhythmic saunter presents the ultimate in pulse-pounding anticipation with a payoff like no other.

But what do you do when the fish start shying away from the surface game? Maybe the wind lays down and the surface slicks off too much. Maybe the morning sun becomes too intense, or perhaps you’ve stuck a few fish and they school’s grown wise.

In any case, you shouldn’t assume the fun is over. Rather, transition to a Bandit Footloose and give the fish a different look when they’re looking up.

Designed to shimmy and surge just below the surface, this bait creates a bulge in the water that resembles a wounded prey trying to pull itself deeper. Effective around laydowns, docks, riprap and even stumps or standing timber, the Footloose presents an enticing profile that can tempt a fish that may not commit to a full-blown topwater charge.

Also give the Footloose a try when fishing grass beds that have grown close to the surface. This buoyant bait allows you to fish over top without snagging, while triggering fish that are watching for bait to pass through that upper band of water.