“There’s our spot,” Capt. Theophile Bourgeois said with a grin as he pointed out the floatplane window. I looked through the backseat window toward where he pointed and saw hundreds of redfish herded tight and busting baitfish beside a small island. We’d spotted scattered fish off a few other islands, but nothing that beckoned Bourgeois to land the plane.

Until then.

He immediately circled back and set down the plane well away from the island to avoid spooking the fish. He then turned toward the island, several hundred feet from where the fish had been and motored slowly across the surface until we got shallow enough to get out and wade.

If it was 10 minutes until we got anchored, put on waders and rigged rods, it was less than 11 minutes until Capt. Ginger Jenne set the hook into a stout redfish. We landed a couple of fish close to the plane, but Bourgeois knew the big school would still be off the point, so we walked steadily in that direction, casting YUM Mud Minnows on Bomber Shad-Head Jigs as we walked.

We caught a couple of other fish as we approached the key area, but we were pretty sure the best stuff remained ahead. It became immediately obvious when we’d walked far enough because we tripled up and things got crazy with three powerful redfish all trying to go different directions. I’d say it got crazy for a moment, but that was pretty much how things remained the rest of the morning.

Float planes and an exceptional understanding of the surf fisheries around the Chandeleur Islands create a unique and seriously cool offering for Bourgeois Charters. Flying gives Bourgeois reasonably quick access to more than 100 islands with highly productive waters around them. As importantly, it allows him to see where the fish are and other fishermen are not. When Bourgeois’ clients start wading and casting, he already knows there are plenty of fish nearby and experience has taught him what they need to be throwing.

Bourgeois typically targets speckled trout or redfish, depending on the part of the season, the recent bite and clients’ interests. Days like the one I experienced are closer to the norm than the exception. Like any fishing, occasionally it can be tough, but most floatplane outings yield fast action or big fish, if not both.

Floatplane outings typically are part of a fishing package that includes a night in the lodge, a day of fishing from a boat and some pretty remarkable Cajun cooking. Trips are customized to a group’s needs, though, so the best plan is to call and talk about options, costs and dates. Bourgeois Charters, which is located about a half hour south of New Orleans, offers a host of single- and multi-day trip options. To learn more visit NewOrleansFishing.com  or check out the Bourgeois Charters Facebook page.